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terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

NU ELECTRO VOL.2…. Coming Soon !!

WORLD EXCLUSIVE...The FIRST plays of the new tunes and all the hottest news on the much anticipated NU ELECTRO VOL.2 on Global Funk Radio, Leeroy's Show, 10.00pm 'til midnight (GMT) Friday 25th September!
Following the immense success of Nu Electro Vol.1, we are now compiling Nu Electro Vol.2 and would love for you to submit a track, preferably unreleased, for the album. We already feel from the tracks we have already heard that Nu Electro vol. 2 will be awesome!
If you have already sent us tracks to the YouSendIt drop box, don’t worry, they have been downloaded and we are making my way through listening to them and will be getting back to everyone shortly.
We want volume 2 to reflect all genres and sub-genres of the Electro scene; from Electro Funk to ElectroTech and are already hearing in various tracks new grooves and fusions of styles which is really exciting. We have been asked to help put together collaborations and would be happy to help out if we can. We are extremely proud of the Egyptian Lover v Debonaire and B Boys v Bass Junkie collaborations on Nu Electro vol.1 and how successful these have been.
Nu Electro vol.1 has proved how essential and relevant Electro is to the music scene. Now let’s take it to a whole new level.

Nu Electro vol.1 Vinyl is now SOLD OUT! In a short while we will be taking pre-orders for the vol.2 Vinyl!!! Vol. 2 will also be Limited Edition Double Album. We expect the Vinyl will sell out in a matter of days.

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